Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness

by Tony Hsieh

Fast Review…

At the start of this book, I found myself wondering if it was right for me – there was a lot of talk about a drive to, essentially, just make money (rather than wonderful products or service). It turns out, that was all part of the lesson. The story follows Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) as he grows up with a desire to build businesses. It talks of his experience with LinkExchange and waking up one day to realise that through rapid growth and by recruiting people who were not necessarily a company cultural fit, that company was simply no longer for him. The following tale is of startups – including the one he came to treasure, Zappos. It covers the company struggles, rise, fall, rise and so on with their goal to drive an amazing company culture and an ethos of excellent customer experience. I found it inspirational, and wonderful to read about a CEO who actually seems to care about employees and service.


Available on Audible and very well read by the author.




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